Strawberry jam

Who am I and why am I writing a food blog?

I have lived in the Cotswolds, a rural area of south-west England since 2003.  Up until then, I lived in London all my life and still go back regularly to get my urban fix!   My professional background is within the non-profit sector, providing consultancy primarily around fundraising and charity governance, but my twin passions have always been food (both cooking and eating) and all things botanical (gardening, wild flowers and plants).

I have always been obsessed with using natural, seasonal flavours and experimenting with  herbs, spices and the odd edible flower to enhance simple, easy recipes.  I cook regularly for my husband and three teenage children who are honest critics and generally enjoy what I produce – although occasionally I am accused of being a bit too “out there” (dandelion cupcakes anyone?).

I started writing my food blog when I had unexpectedly lost a major client and had a bit of time on my hands.  My aim was to develop my blogging skills and use them to create another “serious” blog that would highlight my work as a non-profit consultant and generate more work in this area.  Needless to say, to date, I have not started the “serious” blog as I have become totally obsessed with the food blog.  I love the creativity involved – thinking up recipes, writing about them, photographing the end results – and now happily divide my time between my non-profit consultant role and my relatively new role as a food blogger.

My nom de plume is Rosemary Ransoms which I think is a suitably botanical name.  When I started to blog, my children felt that they could not cope with embarrassment of their mum writing stuff that their friends might see and connect with them so I chose not to use my real name.  It also keeps things separate from my other working life which has nothing to do with food (except for the occasional working lunch..).


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